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Big Creatxr of the Month [SEPTEMBER 2023]


Big Creatxr of the month for September 2023, CXM did a challenge on twitter where Big Creatxrs had to activate their own communities to tag them under the post and we tallied up those tags to determine who would win. With extreme efforts from these creators, the prize was an exclusive, new gaming chair for Big Creatxrs to enjoy while live streaming to enhance their gaming experience.

While Big Creatxr was proud of the huge participation from the creators, we could only select one winner. The selected Big Creatxr of the month winner is Rio a.k.a “PettyGangYT”, an established Big Creatxr livestream gamer who resides in San Francisco, California. This Big Creatxr currently has almost 16k Twitch followers and 26k+ instagram followers. The established content creator, Rio also has a Youtube following for gaming sitting at 22.5K subscribers and counting and 3k Twitter followers as well.

You can find more of Rio's content in the link below.

As our Big Creatxrs would say, “greatness requires work” and if you’re a gamer who livestreams on twitch daily and want to be in the Cxmmunity of big dreamers, culture, and creativity? Take the leap and join us to become your very own Big Creatxr at Also, follow us on twitter at @bigcreatxr along with our founder @supremesensai, for more information and updates regarding Big Creatxr!

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