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Top 3 Big Creatxrs of the Month [AUGUST 2023]

Different Cities, Top Creatxrs | Meet the Top 3 Big Creatxrs for the month of August and follow their stories on how they've elevated their live-stream gaming skills around the globe.

Vote for the Big Creatxr of the Month at the bottom of this page.

August 2023 was a hot summer and we're not talking about degrees *in our MegTheeStallion voice*. Big Creatxrs having been taking over and storming their way through the content creation space. The CXM team has made their top 3 picks for August and you will definitely want to catch these creatives on their next stream. Who do you think should win Big Creatxr of the Month?


Meet the vibe master “Majin”, first class Kick partner streamer from Houston, Texas. Also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity incorporated who expresses himself through dance, creative content and gaming.

The full-time content creator brings high energy and diverse culture to Big Creatxr and has hit the gaming scene running. Follow Houston's native journey here as you’ll witness the live stream expressed in a creative light. Meet The Vibe Master Majin | Your next new favorite streamer:

Majin (@majin2uu)

Houston, TX


DC stand up! What does gaming do for you? DC native, SheisBoogie continues to express her creativity through twitch live stream rallying over 3.6K followers since the start. Why you might ask? Let's catch up with SheIsBoogie and learn more.

“I'm a 29 year old, cosplaying waifu who loves and appreciates the fine arts of raging from FPS, playing community games to shake the stress of rough days, and being able to interact with those who love being themselves. My community goes by the Boogie Munsters and we are happy to meet everyone.”- SheisBoogie

Make sure you tag along on her journey and find new ways to upgrade your skills in Apex Legends, COD, Fortnite and more as she has new live streams posted daily:

SheIsBoogie (@sheisboogie)

Washington, DC


“Can we say Chi City?” Meet Stephonswae or “Swae" for short. Swae is a chill, laid back gamer from Chicago, Illinois who loves listening to music while streaming. Catch some of your favorite songs in live concert while Swae takes over the live stream gaming space! He recently just witnessed Nicki Minaj in COD and was ecstatic about her being featured in COD for the first time ever. Check out the latest videos where he goes in depth about the gaming experience.

“I hope you enjoy your stay and become part of the Swae Gang community. Love yall”, Swae states. You can follow the live Chicago gamer native on twitch live stream below:

Stephonswae (@stephonswae)

Chicago, IL

These Big Creatxrs have been crushing the scene all August long. Head over to their socials and live stream pages to learn more about these content creators. Now is your time to vote on who of these three should be our Big Creatxr of the Month for August 2023.

Are you a Big Creatxr? Who should we see up here for September?

voting closes September 7th @ 4:30pm EST

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