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The Kickback: Ft. Riot Games & Prime Gaming

The Kickback - an entertainment, media, and educational platform streamed online with... Learn more.

Job fairs are boring to most young people, especially gamers. Therefore, the strategy was to create an entertainment-like experience that tapped into the core passions of gamers while also presenting them with career opportunities. We essentially created a career fair disguised as a celebration of all things gaming and esports. 

83% of Black teens play video games, yet less than 5% of the U.S. esports/gaming workforce identifies as Black. Students of color that are passionate about gaming rarely, if ever, are exposed to Black people with careers in or knowledge of the gaming industry. 

To get the attention of and participation from young Black students, we created a 2-day live event and festival experience called “The Kickback.” The event was designed to leverage the culture of gaming and esports among diverse HBCU students as a new kind of high-energy  and entertaining “career fair” for the gaming industry. The  experience included live esports+gaming competitions, sneaker culture+art activations, career-oriented panel discussions and resume writing workshops staffed by gaming industry executives, many of whom were Black. Each day ended with live musical performances by popular hip-hop artists. Most of the activities were filmed and live streamed on Twitch and YouTube.

By tapping into the real culture of gaming, ‘The Kickback’ has created a new channel of recruitment for Riot Games that attracts diverse and passionate candidates. The Riot brand has now found a very unique and powerful platform to amplify their messages of diversity and inclusion.

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